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Chef de cozinha emagrecendo?

Um chef de cozinha que emagrece? Só podia ser com low carb!

Ele recomenda evitar:
  • açúcar
  • trigo
  • grãos
  • laticínios
  • ovos de granja
Which five foods should we avoid to clean up our diet?
I will never tell anyone what to avoid, but I am more than happy to tell you what I avoid and It works for my body - everybody is different and it is best to do your own research.
Sugar - David Gillespie has addressed this in his book Sweet Poison and the Sugar Blues by William Dufty is also a great read. The bitter truth about sugar
Wheat - there is a remarkable book by William Davis called Wheat Belly that is full of interesting information.
Grains - another wonderful read is Nora Gedguadas book Pprimal body, primal mind, to me this makes a lot of sense.
Dairy - I have never been able to tolerate dairy (my mum fed me yoghurt every day of my life as a kid and I have severe allergies when I consume it).
Eggs from caged chickens - I love eggs and eat them everyday, but they need to come from chickens that roam around and eat a natural diet.

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Não é necessário consumir bebidas com carboidratos se você vai se exercitar por uma hora em ritmo moderado.

Carbohydrate ingestion consumed by recreational exercisers during a 1-h, moderate-intensity aerobic workout did not alter mood or perceived exertion, nor did it affect subsequent anaerobic performance under the conditions of this study. Drinking caloric sport beverages does not benefit recreational exercisers in a non-fasted state.

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