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Nassim Taleb quer "revolucionar" a produção científica.

Acho que ele não vai conseguir. Mas gostaria que ele conseguisse ao menos desburocratizar um pouco o processo de publicação de bons artigos.

O que vocês acham?

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Academic production is now up to 99% housekeeping, chickens**t, dealing with referees and perfecting commas, marketing, and only 1% substance. So trying the exact opposite with the following mode; wrote a paper, the shortest possible one on the idea. Put on FB here for 24 hours for crowdsourcing correction (Carl Fakhry found the math typos and inconsistencies in notation). Submitted the first draft to ArXiv, where it was posted a with day delay. Kept some typos in the first version (such as "reponse" instead of "response") to signal I don't give a f**k, that this is not "job market science".
If the idea has merit, it could eventually circulate perhaps be even plagiarized, and this may even take years and years. If it lacks in rigor it will certainly die, as there is no formalism to hide the BS.
All in all the non-substancel part of the process turned out to be < 1 hour.
Now to other, possibly, deeper things.

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