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Dieta Cetogênica para Epilepsia

Através deste post do Jimmy Moore:

VIDEO: Watch the full-length film "First Do No Harm" featuring Meryl Streep about the ketogenic diet for epilepsy:

This movie is AWESOME and shines a bright light on what's wrong with the way disease is treated in America. The doctors recommend drug after drug after (experimental) drug as the first line of defense while mocking a low-carb, high-fat diet as unpalatable and unsustainable for treating a condition like epilepsy. The research into epilepsy is deemed as "anecdotal" and thus not trustworthy.

Thanks to ketogenic diet advocacy groups like The Charlie Foundation ( and the ones who created this movie), the real science supporting this nutritional therapy is coming to the forefront. We reference this movie in KETO CLARITY and it's a MUST-WATCH for anyone who is dealing with an epileptic child, interested in ketogenic diets, or frustrated by the healthcare system.

Watch...cry...get angry...and then act! We must be the ones who take back control of our own health without putting our full trust in doctors and drugs. Use the medical system as an adviser in your health, but you need to do your own research and make the best choice for YOU! Enjoy this film featuring several Hollywood actors you will likely recognize.

lembrei deste filme:

Pela Vida de Meu Filho: Filme sobre a estória de um real de um menino que quase foi curado (alguns danos foram irreversíveis) da epilepsia através de uma dieta cetogênica

Alguns trechos:

Ovos com bacon!

Para quem quer saber mais, o site da Fundação Charlie, que patrocinou o filme é:

Para quem quer saber mais sobre dietas cetogênicas e assemelhadas (paleo e lowcarb-LCHF), recomendo o blog do Dr. José Carlos Souto:

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