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Prof. Barry Cooper: COLLOQUIUM LOGICAE, CLE- UNICAMP 05 de dezembro, 15h


Em conexão com o Ano Alan Turing,  receberemos o Prof. Barry Cooper no
Colloquium Logicae no CLE dia 05 de dezembro, 15h (a sessão acontecerá
na  sala PE11 da  FEEC, UNICAMP)


Barry Cooper  é professor de Lógica  Matemática da University of
Leeds. Autor de  "Computability Theory"(Chapman & Hall/CRC. 2004 ) e
co-autor de  "Incomputability in Nature" (Cooper, S. B.; Odifreddi, P.
(2003), e  coordenador do comitê organizador do Turing Year.

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Title: Alan Turing and the Computing Revolution: Ten Big Ideas that Changed the

Alan Turing did an amazing amount during his short life - a short list
of what makes him remembered includes:
How at the age of 23, he came up with the idea of the "stored program"
universal computing machine, basically the blueprint for every
computer in existence today;
His leading role in breaking the German Enigma code at the secret
decoding centre at Bletchley Park, helping shorten the 2nd World War
by two years with his ground-breaking involvement in building and
fully exploiting decoding machines; And the innovative and original
work in bringing mathematics to bear on important problems in biology
and medicine. In this talk we look at Turing's ideas and enduring
impact on academic research, the IT industry and the wider world we
live in and we outline some of his visionary insights which point to a
new generation of "intelligent" computers. We assume no specialist
knowledge, but be prepared to be challenged!
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Estão todos convidados!

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